Pacific Crest Trail: The Misadventures of Ghetto Blaster and Fire Belly

Day 1 - at the US/Canada border
After a brief stint in Vancouver, we greyhounded it to Manning Park arriving about 3:30 AM in the chilly darkness. After eating a can of baked beans and using some pit toilets, the sky began to lighten and so we started to walk. 8 miles south on the trail, we were back in the US. Along the Pacific Crest Trail, we experienced the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen in my life.
Note: All of the PCT images below are in chronological order as we cruised Southbound from Canada to Oregon. The text in italics comes from my journal.
Hope you enjoy the pictures and please do yourself a favor and go for a long hike on the PCT.

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Chelsea said...

Great pics guys. Spectacular trip. I've lived in Darrington for quite a while now and I haven't made it up to Suiattle Pass or the PCT. I plan to check out Glacier Peak Wilderness this summer while Im back for break though. The pics are definitely helping me get motivated to do so!