A Walk up to Kehriri

Locals kept telling me that Kehriri is very beautiful. So one morning I took the local bus up to Ghera and spent the day walking around. To get to Kehriri I had to walk up old paths beyond the reach of the road, though construction of the road up to the mountain top village is well under way. I was impressed at the variety of people (men and women, young and old) seen journeying up the steep steps with huge loads of grain on their heads or giant bundles of leaves on their backs. The other day, I saw a woman with a huge basket on her head walking and knitting with both hands at the same time. And after carrying a heavy load of straw down a steep mountain, I have great respect for this ability and neck strength.

Hay in the trees

These folks invited me for chai

Like so many photographers before me, I can't resist stealing photos of cute brown children...

When I got up to Kehriri and asked where I could buy food, the woman invited me back to her house and fed me lunch. When I tried to give her family money after the meal, they refused my offer and her son insisted, "In India, the invited and uninvited guest is God."

School in the warm sunshine, fresh breeze and beautiful view

Load of fresh cut branches for the cow...

This guy also invited me into his home for chai.

Beginning the descent back down...

Guys installing poles for the electric company...

Heading back down the road to the farm with the Dhauladhar range in the distance

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