School Visit

We visited an elementary school in Ramsinghpura near Sawai Madhopur near the Rathambore tiger park . The school is supported with money from the cost of our tour. All OAT trips support local schools through the Grand Circle Foundation. Here the kids sat on the roof of their school building and sang morning chants and songs.

And we then visited the classrooms.

A young boy outside showed off his scale. He was presumably skipping school to chat with us.

After the school visit, we split up and went to have tea in a home in the village. Here one of the sons dances in the house. I was suddenly very popular as my very limited Hindi proved to be useful in communicating.

Preparing many cups of chai

I hopped on a villager's camel cart for a quick ride.

At Dastkar, the local women's craft cooperative...

Women sew material for their cooperative.

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