Continental Divide Trail 2016: days 4-6

Brad trucks along as ominous clouds approach.

Moon sets at the beginning of our day.  Somehow - five days in - and about a week at elevations mostly above 11K feet, I started getting altitude headaches - mostly in the mornings and evenings - and especially when I was hungry.

Sometimes, it felt like we were walking towards and into great fluffy clouds.

First glimpse of "The Window," a square piece missing from the mountain's ridge that we could see from various vantage points for days.

Crossing Weminuche Pass...the lowest point in our hike at 10,530 feet

On the evenings when it wasn't raining on us, Richard was our firestarter with his dryer lint, which enabled us to warm up some and dry our footwear.  And this was a fire with a view of lightning flashing in the distance beyond the distant ridge.

View across a sketchy traverse I completed after passing through The Window a little bit off the CDT trail.

Double Rainbow! What does it mean?! Daily thunderstorms bring frequent rainbows.

Looking at the window again from the Northside

When dusk descended, we were usually scrambling to cover a few more miles in our effort to hike at least 12 miles each day, but because we usually were behind schedule, I had opportunities to snap photos during sunset if it wasn't raining yet. But sometimes, like this particular night, as soon as it became dark, the rains started and we had to find and set up a camp in the rain.  This was maybe the fourth night of setting up camp in the rain in the dark but the first of these that Brad and Richard managed to at least cook something warm and eat dinner before crashing out in their tent.

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