Crossing into Chile

First, I had to take a bus transfer from El Chalten to the Lago del Desierto and then a boat to cross the lake.

Another view of Fitz Roy from the back of the boat in Lago del Desierto

Then, we had an 8 hour walk to the next lake. I paid to have a horse carry my big backpack and I crossed over the border about 2 hours into the walk.

Lago O'Higgins is visible here, my destination for the day and the site of the Chilean border authorities, a lonely office where they stamped my passport. This is probably Chile's most isolated border post - hardly any sign of human life could be seen along the immense lake.

Martina, a German architect, joined me for the adventure.
Check the turqoise of the lake!!

We camped out at a family outpost along the lake, Candelario Mancilla, the only settlement there besides the boat dock and the border guards. The next day a boat came to take us across the lake...


Dalia said...

I'm glad you made it further south, those pictures are amazing. I'll have to check it out next time i'm in argentina again. I'll be leaving to go back to the states in 3 weeks, so enjoy the rest of your trip and maybe our paths will cross again some day.


Regan said...

These pictures are amazing. What an adventure. I wish I could go hiking with you in some of those mountains. I suppose I'll settle for living vicariously through your blog.