Fitz Roy

At 6:10 AM, the very punctual Europeans (3 French and 1 Swiss) woke me up for an ascent to the Laguna de los Tres at the base of the famous Fitz Roy mountain peak. Our headlamps were not the only lights dotting the dark and steep rocky path as we made our way up; at least a dozen Israelis had the same idea. After watching a documentary about some climbers who repeatedly failed at summiting the Fitz Roy peak, I had some fresh respect for just how insane the peak is and for the climbers who make it to the top or even try to arrive at the summit. I suppose a lot depends on the weather. Lucky for us, we had perfect weather, completely clear days for all of our hiking in the National Park of the Glaciers.

David and Claire waiting for the sun to hit the peak: hordes of Israelis in background

ah, in all its splendor but with a pesky cloud in the way...the ice is a glacier by the way

David and Claire plus the other French whose names I can't recall

a little farther up, Claire and Laguna Sucia

Laguna Sucia and David scrambling

the pesky cloud finally went away to give a full view of the big rock, Fitz Roy

Fitz Roy a different day as seen from Laguna Capri

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