PCT 2010, Sisters Wilderness

These photos are from my first full day back on the Pacific Crest Trail this summer. I started hiking south at Santiam Pass where I left off the trail in 2008. Above image from July 25th is a view looking south at the Three Sisters volcanoes from the lava in Mt. Washington Wilderness in Oregon.

from journal: 7/25: Looking back North one can see Mt. Washington, then 3-Fingered Jack, then Mt. Jefferson & finally hazy Mt. Hood all lined up into the distance to the horizon.

Pack feels heavy, today my legs are tired. Figured out how to battle heel blisters.

7/26: Lots of snow - with patches taking 25 minutes to cross...Beautiful - reminded me of snow-skiing but a few times I got panicky as I couldn't find where to go across the snow or where to find the trail.