Williamette Natl. Forest to Mt. Thielsen

7-27: At Dumbell Lake - hiked over 16 miles today...MOSQUITOES! There are mosquito carcasses spread all over my body and my gear. I wore the mosquito net for most of the day. I stopped hiking around 5 pm cuz my knee hurt, my back hurt, my shoulders hurt. Had to keep moving on account of the skeeters. You stop to slap and 3 more bite you. My legs are covered with mosquito bites and the campfire smoke doesn't seem to deter them. And my "10 hr" DEET seems to last for only a half hour. But they can't bite me through me rain jacket and my rain pants and so that's what I'm currently wearing. As it is dusk, skeeters are swarming all over me. I couldn't survive without this mosquito net. Took a lovely swim in the lake...Entrenched in mosquito clouds I was def. questioning my logic behind this trip.

7-30: At Rosary Lakes just a few miles from Williamette Pass/Shelter Cove, my 1st resupply...In the cool eve, I took a most lovely, divine swim in the N. lake. Felt amazing. Oregon lakes are all the perfect temperature.

Diamond Peak Wilderness...

Mount Thielsen, known as the Lightning Rod of the Cascades

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