I am now at a small family farm called Taiquén in the Chubut province of Patogonia in Epuyen just south of El Bolson. The word Taiquén is from the indigenous language of the area and means ´the sound of a waterfall,´which you can hear in the distance when the wind isn´t blowing too hard. It´s pretty quiet and peaceful here. Various birds and roosters (ours and distant neighbors´) pierce through the soft sound of the blowing wind. Taiquén is composed of Gabriel, his wife Cristina, their 3 year old son, Geni, plus 20 sheep, Nacho the dog and hens. They have lots of raspberries, which we have been harvesting along with loads of peas and carrots. I am one of 4 volunteers here - all from the USA.
Here is a view of the house which Gabriel built himself from mostly natural materials. On the left is the garage/workshop/living space where the volunteers live.
another view of the house from the edge of the woods. Rows of raspberry bushes are in front of the house.
Here is the green house made of adobe that Gabriel just finished. He started it in October and has built other greenhouses at 5 elementary schools in the region.


There is a hill behind the farm and last Sunday I climbed it. These are the views from the top of the hill. You can see Lake Epuyen in the distance.


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blank said...

Jah bless el campo! I just came from a similar looking landscape in the Elqui Valle in Northern Chile, que bonito. Now en route to more beauty in SA. Remember to eat some heady greens for me.