Desolation Wilderness

9/20: Aloha Lake is unreal - so stark and weird white rocky glacial blue cool, hump rock islands, tall peaks, ridges, bit of snow. I would live here if I was the Lochness Monster.

9/20: Dick's Pass (9,300 ft), Velma Lake, Aloha Lake, Desolation Wilderness, Wow! Yeah! Walked 26 miles yesterday - 2 after sunset after Dick's Pass. Chilly! this morning. 1st time my feet got really cold this trip. Wet sleeping bag in the morning. Ice nearby. How do you make down warm again after it gets wet?
In general, I don't think I'm having fun, although yesterday evening's lakes & scenery were awe-inspiring. Thinking about getting a motel room in South Lake Tahoe. Rest, TV. I have a gastrointestinal thing, heartburn this morning. Have had diarrhea. Maybe from H20? Or the turkey sandwich from Truckee? Or the nasty hiker box food from Belden?
Have been thinking about trying to get to Toulomone Meadows before Sept. 27th at Noon cuz that's when the store closes - but need to rush to get there even if I spend the night in S. Lake, 24 a day would do it, and then I'm worried about the bear can situation and that I don't have a PCT permit....Last days have been chilly. A bunch of this hike, I couldn't stop - for the mosquitoes & now more recently because of the cold. Thinking about quitting!

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