South of Sonora Pass

9/25 10:30 pm: Couldn't believe how difficult the 2,400 ft climb up to my first bit over 10,000 feet was. Kicked my butt. The Carson River was nice, cool boulders - and then my next climb up to 10K after Sonora Pass was a piece of cake. Flat smooth tread and straight up. I was afraid of that climb, but twas easy - and then the views! Very beautiful as my photos will attest...

...And the views in the distance of the rocky, craggy High Sierras! Bunched together like the skyscrapers of a granite city...breathtaking. I'm a mile short of 1,000 miles! (I'll finish the whiskey to that!)

...sweet amazing moon hike to descend from the high elevation. And nice sunset. Very epic. Now I know why folks told me I couldn't stop in Tahoe.
Haven't quite been keeping up w/my 22 mile average minimum. Having more weight on my back has made my back hurt a bunch...and everything else but now I got more like 4-5 days of food, so it's better. :)

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