Toiyabe National Forest

Just south of Carson Pass

9/24: Been on the trail 2 months now. Sorta hard to imagine living anything but this lifestyle. The last 2 nights - walking by the light of the Full Moon, I've run into folks & gotten drunk. 1st) Roma from Prague in his jeep next to the trail gave me Foster's and last night I got food, Maker's Mark & jerky from Scott, Ryan & Bob.

...In S. Lake Tahoe I decided I would do the next 150/180 miles to Toulumne Meadows/Yosemite Valley w/o resupplying and thus carrying 7-9 days of food...which has hurt my back, all over, shoulders, lower back, etc. Plus the climbs seem steeper, more frequent, more intense. I'm N. of Carson River or above it. Have been going to sleep 'round midnight. Will try to go to sleep earlier tonight.

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