From Agua Dulce to the Top of Mt. Baden-Powell

Near Mt Gleason on the Poodle Dog Bush detour...

From my camping site perched on a ridge, I could see the lights of Los Angeles beyond the mountains to the West.

Sometimes, while walking I would think about how insane it is to walk so many miles across the mountains and deserts.  When I think that I could just take a bus 900 miles instead of walking, hiking feel like an anachronistic activity.  But then, when I see an interstate highway (like I-10 and I-15), I think about how insane the Rat Race is and how crazy it is for so many people to be in such a hurry that everyone is zipping around in unsustainable steel machines with wheels on them, (the use of which perpetuates oil wars), careening over asphalt surfaces where we have killed the soil.  And then I  think that maybe the Rat Race is way more crazy and unnatural, and that moving slowly is a path to regain sanity.
Looking across the Angeles National Forest towards LA and the Pacific

Nearing the top of Mt. Baden-Powell...

Self-portrait on the summit of Mt. Baden-Powell

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