Over Mather Pass and Pinchot Pass

On top of Mather Pass

"Finally feeling some peace of mind, sprung up bright and early for a double pass day. A quick jaunt got us up to 12,100 feet atop Mather Pass then down along the South Fork King River, the land changing more Martian-like at the higher elevations. Passed Bench Lake where the infamous Ranger Randy Morgenson had lost his mind, us also with screws loose but not quite crossing that line. A swim break on Lake Marjorie giving just enough mojo to get up pinche Pinchot Pass at 12,130 feet. After some aching and complaining and photo shoot, made it 15 miles on the day down to Sawmill Junction for the usual camp candor, lentils and ramen and...jokes." - Taun Taun

The group thaws out in the sun after shivering most of the night.

El Brujo investigates his broken hiking pole.

See the switchbacks?

My brothers heading down the south side of Mather Pass

Phyzio hugs Pinchot Pass

On Pinchot Pass

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