Upper Rae Lakes and Glen Pass

"Hit stride, with only some days to the finish line. Good timing for our big 17 miler, down the valley, across the Indiana Jones suspension bridge, up passed the curious trout in Dollar Lake. Up through the heavenly Rae Lakes before the evil Glen Pass. Oh Upper Rae, with your sandy white beaches, clear turquoise water surrounded by soaring granite peaks, a cool wind across the water—that complimentary meal of your choice before getting fried in the death chamber—switch, back, switch, back, shit. I could've sworn that was the top, but now whole 'nother mountain endlessly rising. Bitch, groan, and gripe to the top finally upticking the sides of my lips in an exhausted smile. Better enjoying the view 11,978 feet, amidst rants of some drunk Alabaman named Som' Peach extolling his sexual prowess and Crimson Tide dominance. Tumbled a couple thousand feet down the dry rocky mountain in the later afternoon sun, settling down at Vidette Meadow." - Taun Taun

Itchy atop Glen Pass

J Bear on top of Glen Pass

Going down the other side

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