John Muir Trail in Ansel Adams Wilderness: Garnet Lake to Devil's Postpile

Above Garnet Lake at dusk...While Phyzio taped El Brujo's sprained ankle and Taun Taun provided round pills, I scrambled across some rocks to take pictures.

And above Garnet Lake at dawn on our second morning on the trail...
"The sun cast pink and vanilla pastels over the gorgeous lake the next morning as we packed up and headed for Red's Meadow. My old pal Jamie was rumored to be meeting us along the way, known more for his big heart than knack for logistics. He'd be escorting Dan back to Reno a few days later, but'd come along for some fun in the mean time."  - Taun Taun

In the above photo, you can see Itchy and his tent in the foreground.

We came across three lakes with sandy beaches and we swam in most of 'em.
"We made it down the hill for our first genuine lake baptism. Nudists, us all, we stripped down and basked in the sunshine and cold water of Shadow Lake. What'd become a daily ritual, boosting our power for the next stretch. I marched forward, but the pain of my blisters turned into something deeper, something I wasn't prepared to face." - Taun Taun

Rosalie Lake

Gladys Lake
"Started as tightness in my foot, then fire in my achilles. By late afternoon, I was hobbling my way down the mountain. Step-by-step. Dang inserts, with your dang hard plastics. Like a true trail angel, came across Jamie and he carried my bag the final mile of the day, as we crept into Devil's Postpile after a 13 mile romp for the day. I was delirious. El Brujo hit me with all types of homeopathic tinctures and salves he'd brought along. A little slop, and I splayed out on my mat under stars, covered in Lavender Oil, looking for a cure." - Taun Taun

Exhausted at the end of the day in Devil's Postpile Monument

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