Start of the John Muir Trail: From Tuolumne Meadows to Thousand Island Lake

The boys on Highway 120 near Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park before our car drops: gazing and capturing the rising moon.  We started the Pacific Crest Trail heading south from Tuolumne Meadows and soon joined the famed John Muir Trail for the beginning of an epic 200+ mile journey together and the start of my continuation of the PCT south to Mexico.

Itchy in the meadow of Lyell Canyon in Yosemite below some waterfalls

Phyzio takes in his surroundings

Our first swim break, Lyell Canyon

Nearing Donahue Pass...

"We got our go late in the afternoon after picking up bear canisters and a fishing permit. Wandered along the pleasant streams and delicate meadows of Lyell Canyon, working 8 miles towards the base Donahue Pass. A nice first dinner on big granite slab along Kuna Creek and what would become our usual impulsive night time decision to camp at some patch along the trail. It was more of an exhaustive collapse than discovery of temporary domicile.
Day 2 brought the challenge of our first big guy, Donahue pass. We jammed up switch backs in the morning, grabbing brunch at a high elevation creek overlooking the whole dang valley. Salami and mustard tortilla gave me the power to whip up that hill. Hiking sure has a way of releasing all the little gas molecules  tucked in your sub-cockles, offering mini power boosts along the way. Big granite steps above tree line led me to top of Donahue at 11056 ft. Little did I know this would be a mere bump in the road compared to the later behemoths. " 
-Taun Taun

Deepak Chopat

Fire Belly

The Brothas

Gotta eat that food weight

Phyzio and Taun Taun atop Donahue Pass...

Johnny Muir

Bear and Itchy

The crew with Banner Peak in the background

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